Strategic HR

Offering an all round service to help you to achieve the best for your people and your organisation.

Helping you with your leadership skills, employee retention and human resource planning. Includes:
Corporate, Social Responsibility
Emergency Management
Mergers and Acquisitions
Return on Investment
Business Ethics
Creativity and Creative Conflict
HR Outsourcing
Organisation Culture
Stakeholder Value
Communications Stategy
Developing Leadership Skills
Human Capital
Organisational Development
Strategic Human Resource Planning
Strategic Human Resource Management is all about the design of the interactions between your people and your organisation and are intended to enable you to achieve your organisations vision, values and objectives efficiently and effectively. It’s about forging a better connection between your people and your business. People make the difference …. It is true that resources are available and purchasable on the open market (capital, new, plant, technology, equipment etc) but it is the creative use of resources and ideas by people that lie at the root of creating competitive advantage. It’s about creating ‘dynamic capability’ in your organisation, giving your organisation the ability to react to rapidly changing environments, to be more responsive. You can influence this in a number of ways, your HRM policy choices, your organisation design, your culture, your reward.
Freelance Human Resources Cornwall
So how can I help? I am qualified change practitioner and an expert in Strategic Workforce Planning, organisation design, service transformation and restructuring.

I can help you shape your structure, organisational culture, build employee engagement, manage performance, build capability and evaluate your HR policies and practices. All of this defines your Employer Brand and from this your your HR strategy will flow.

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